Monday, June 30, 2008

[ s e c o n d _ g l a n c e ]

long while between posts, i'm aware. kindly consider me appropriately contrite.

hard to get motivated lately... work is frustrating this summer, so i've taken to escaping as often as is possible. bailed with J down to Tampa for the Astros-Rays series a week and change ago, of which we took two (nearly three) for the win. followed that with consecutive stompings of the Rangers and Bandwagon Sox, and my boys are climbing out of the gutter. nice.

here's something unusual and more light-hearted for you. perhaps WALL-E softened my wrought-iron heart. i can't remember seeing a more charming movie in untold ages. it did very cogently convince me that maybe i should have gone to art school seven years ago. i'd probably be intellectually stunted and otherwise warped, but maybe i could have worked at Pixar. now i'm a slacker egghead who scratches around in Photoshop.


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greater significance to this one than i'll let on, but it was fun to paint.

it's taken a while... longer than it did last year (the time is 1200am on 1 VII as i type), but Halloween is creeping into my bones. a cold front blew through with the storms today. i can feel it coming.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

[ t h e _ o l d _ m a n ]

long, rough week. not overwhelmed by faith in humanity at present, and further nettled by other delightful trials as spiteful little life-satellites. consequently, another bit of dark art tonight.

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yeah. this guy is fully off to spirit away some village's children. i thought about writing a grim limerick about this misshapen fiend earning a town's trust before absconding with their youth, pied piper style. maybe next time.

will have something more pleasant for your next visit. perhaps fluffy kittens or hamsters.

seriously, maybe a hamster.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

[ f a m i l y ] - BIOSHOCK

charming family portrait of a Little Sister and Big Daddy from the unbelievable "Bioshock." it's been admirably vying for my 360-related affections against the colossus that is GTA, and has inspired a disturbing dream or two along the way.

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i picked up a perhaps disgustingly awesome tv as a self-congratulatory gift for surviving prelims, and "Bioshock" very much pushes the envelope of terrifying, corrupted art deco near-photorealism. i replayed the intro while E observed. she took several moments before saying, "...wait. You're controlling this?" and was profoundly creeped out by the first, haunted five minutes in Rapture.

one of the best.