Friday, February 20, 2009


Phil Rossi's "Eden", for which i did the cover, has as of this week scaled the craggy peaks of the charts - bearing pitons of strange black alloys forged by no man - and landed at #1. uh... epic. two of eight chapters out thus far, with a new one hitting every Wednesday. clicky on the image below and subscribe to the feed for free (and hit up Crescent while you're at it).

Monday, February 16, 2009

quick hack

weird bug in the blogspot code popped up this week. fixed.

i have been very happy lately. this is in itself highly unusual and almost cause for alarm. almost.

here's to fine weather, good partnerships, strong beer and a stalwart crew.


[edit] also!- i would be remiss if i did not mention that the first chapter of "Eden" dropped last week, and it's been sitting atop the charts ever since. how about doing us a solid and subscribing to the feed for FREE? beautiful, vaguely menacing times await, i promise.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[ w a i t i n g ]

also, i read Gaiman's new The Graveyard Book. the sum total of these circumstances: haunted mental distress. :/

Click to enlarge

another "crank your brightness up, folks" entry in this October-wistful series.

got to play Professor in a guest lecture today. whoo.

/.n [while listening to The Toadies]

Monday, February 2, 2009

[ b l a c k _ p u m p k i n ]

it's gotten worse. i neglected to mention that i've been listening to an excess of House of Krazees, and also spinning classic horror while painting. something had to be done.

Click to enlarge

may be hard to make out the detail if your monitor's brightness isn't kicked up a level or two. the weather needs to get warmer, and soon, or i'm going to lose my mind waiting on October. i tried soliciting advice from my brother, but he was too busy playing in the snow to offer psychiatric help.

actually, a workable draft of "The Asherah" will probably drop soon... and then i will have nothing resembling free time for fanciful visions of black-lit gourds, twisted hills and quiet madness. i suspect that will beat the spring to my doorstep.

until then, i dream.

/.n [while listening to Alice in Chains]