Monday, February 2, 2009

[ b l a c k _ p u m p k i n ]

it's gotten worse. i neglected to mention that i've been listening to an excess of House of Krazees, and also spinning classic horror while painting. something had to be done.

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may be hard to make out the detail if your monitor's brightness isn't kicked up a level or two. the weather needs to get warmer, and soon, or i'm going to lose my mind waiting on October. i tried soliciting advice from my brother, but he was too busy playing in the snow to offer psychiatric help.

actually, a workable draft of "The Asherah" will probably drop soon... and then i will have nothing resembling free time for fanciful visions of black-lit gourds, twisted hills and quiet madness. i suspect that will beat the spring to my doorstep.

until then, i dream.

/.n [while listening to Alice in Chains]

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