Friday, January 6, 2012

[ t h e _ w a t c h e r s ]

first piece of the new year, one of two i knocked out the other day for the upcoming co-billing with old Rossi-time. this is for his short (!) story "The Watchers."

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new year's itself was the stuff of legends: a long weekend in ATL with the crew and the lady-love. we may have partied, briefly, with the lead singer from Cake.

always good to see my boys.

/.n [while, five minutes later, still listening to Cake]

[ e d e n _ L I V E ]

Phil's Parsec award-nominated novella "Eden" is out. oh boy. if you like, you can snag a dead tree edition here at Amazon (there's a hardcover edition too, but the link seems to come and go), or for five bucks on Kindle.

here are my pretties.

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another short fiction cover should be out asap - Phil's been sitting on it since November.

/.n [while listening to Cake]