Saturday, January 31, 2009

the great big Phil Rossi collaboration post

i have been busy.

school thrice over, novel encounters with humans, the usual pervasive madness... you know me. committee meeting, late nights fighting the Dread Wyrm Unix, a pleasant trip home with my brother and de facto sister, and regular skulduggery with the crew. i love the latter two sets so.

i suppose that much is as it was back in the heady days of yore, or the last post - being November, christ. still obsessed with Fallout. over the last ten days Halloween has leapt, resurgent and rested and whistling a dark melody, from my bones. a protracted night of appalling nightmares, re-reading of "Coraline", cool weather, and hanging out at Target and Walgreens - all stirred in a hideous cauldron - is akin to lighting a black candle in Halloween's name. one of those licorice-scented ones that i hoard between Octobers in my cabinet.


[ b u r n ] was, to be honest, much better received than anticipated. i did not expect there to be.. er.. enthusiasm for this or other recent projects among other human beings. it has done much for my soul. much. and so:

the last post, item (i), introduced the proposition of a collaboration with a certain gentleman author/musician based in DC. if you delve into the archives, you'll find way back on 28 V his identity: one Phil Rossi [fiction/music]. we have indeed announced our major project together: an online graphic novel to bridge his debut novel "Crescent" and its sequel. the first Act is due in June (..ambitious..), with a potential multimedia overhaul upon its completion akin to the "Dead Space" comics. small world - my old friend Lorelei is married to the guy who did those books.

i give you the press release for "Crescent: The Asherah"
here's an enlarged, detailed version of the splash image.

the other three projects are much smaller in scale. i'm at liberty to discuss two here, or so i understand. these are covers for the print edition of "Crescent", out in June, and for his new podcast novella (February) "Eden."

final cover for "Eden":

Phil and i labored like madmen on the "Crescent" cover and came up with something that we both truly love, but his publisher didn't bite. here it is anyway... back to the drawing board.

lots hidden in that one. pity.

the final project is part of the online campaign / metastory behind his upcoming podcast novel "Harvey", due later this year. details on that when possible... it's rather humorous.

plate is full. i'm happy. now if only i can survive school...