Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[ f r e d ]

it has been a while. things have happened.

i successfully completed my PhD, but you can imagine that running the gauntlet of the defense and the ensuing, all-consuming vortex of edits, immediately followed by a conference / series of bacchanalia, left little time for The Art Thang. you would be correct in this assumption.

so. despite presently having no business doing the same, being mired in a manuscript submission, transcontinental move, and preps for fall, i nevertheless fired up the old Wacom (i really need to name this thing) for Phil. he recently unleashed his first entry into the Amazon short fiction / Kindle market, "Frederic's Little Secret." it's available here for a buck, or was originally Podcast on Visionaries Short Fiction.

Click to enlarge

i'm starting to explore a hastier, more impressionistic style... trying to point in the general vicinity of something that creeps up on you in the most ungentlemanly of ways, rather than overly render it beyond, quite frankly, my level of skill. i'm really looking forward to having summers off so i can work on stuff like this every day.

i'm redoing the Eden cover for print soon, and Phil and i are planning to launch a short fiction anthology this fall. ten [very] short stories, ten plates. he gave me equal billing on Fred, which is both rad and a nice step forward.

we shall see where this goes. i'll be around.

also. um. Halloween is coming. a proper Midwest Halloween. the bug bit a couple weeks ago, and i am lost.

/.n [while listening to The Toadies]