Saturday, January 22, 2011

[ d i t c h e d _ b y _ k a t e ]

Phil has a new project, which means he needs new art. band's renamed - "Ditched By Kate" - and has a seductive little corner of the web here at reverbnation. go forth, one and all.

his original pitch: "Things that come to mind, ending up in a ditch after a long and crazy night...shovels, bottles, booze, [ladies]. I think you get the idea. It's in the music." and then he rattled off some stuff about a shovel and a gravestone and i started getting questionable ideas. here are a couple quick concepts; have no idea if they will in any way, shape or form resemble the final product.

Click to enlarge

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i should have been working on science, but the photoshop is a powerful, jealous mistress. alright, back to work.

/.n [while listening to Ditched By Kate]