Wednesday, November 12, 2008


no new art this time, instead an update post. gather 'round the hearth, one and all.

life in general is rather better now. [ b u r n ] and other recent projects have gone a long way toward reminding me what enthusiasm and satisfaction taste like. it had been a while. coupled with a vastly more entertaining and engaging teaching assignment this fall, as well as establishing a now very plausible alternative career route (which i am not planning on seizing anytime soon), i'm sleeping better at night. well. i have been "experiencing" a long string of bizarre, intriguing and maybe disturbing dreams that i wish to god i could remember enough to write down. i blame Fallout 3, which has additionally reaffirmed in full my faith in the general goodness of the world. um, yeah.

Halloween was sublime, and around that time i finally accepted that my personal happiness is intrinsically linked to ongoing creative endeavor - which sadly i am "not so much" getting from school. painting, writing, that's what i need. and so, i am pleased to tease the following projects:

i) a brewing, by no means guaranteed collaboration with one of my favorite authors; a tier-one podcaster in horror and sci-fi. he's interested in spinning a tale - the format of which is not yet settled, to my knowledge - to bridge his first novel and its pending sequel. i would provide artwork for the same: could be a traditional comic style, could be plate illustrations, i'm not entirely sure. considering the audience this gent marshaled for his first outing, it could be big. and the plot concept is potentially weird and amazing.

ii) probable novella kicking around in my head and on paper; a near-future drama with a unique and unforeseen medical crisis leading to massive societal upheaval and the potential (theological) apocalypse. the macguffin is pretty damned sweet, i think.

okay. off to sleep and teach the younglings about brains upon the morrow. out.