Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deep breath now...

so. friends, patrons, ne'erdowells. it has been a while.

the proud, questionable blog-chain of some years was interrupted most suddenly and unequivocally by the advent of grad school and - more importantly - responsibility and public exposure. it would not do for my students to stumble upon explicit evidence of my misdeeds or those of the Crewe (membership since brutally revoked from all but two souls). the Japan blog, Gaijin Apocalypse, and its accompanying photo page were an experiment in responsible blog stewardship. unlike previous forays, that one did not land me in hot water (...thus far). this gave me hope.

here i inaugurate a new run and invite you into the murk. this run is novel in that it may primarily host my random sketches - an outlet again available now that the dread beast Prelims is laid to rest in several messy, charnel pits. indeed, it was reviewing the old archives from my senior year in Texas that helped give me the confidence and strength to conquer that loathsome trial.

we shall see where this goes.