Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[ r e b o o t ] / [ n o s t a l g i a _ L I V E ] mk ii be live.

nearly a decade is sufficient; it was time to reboot this bad boy. the previous layout's legacy code went all the way back to the inception of i& in 2004. clearly this reincarnation is shiny and clean and new[ly reverse engineered], and went with a long-needed rebranding of this blog.

while i am appallingly truant on every substantial obligation this summer, the new Halloween project is well underway. this one is a first: a collaboration(!), and with my one and only J. when i told my brother about this joint venture he was extremely surprised, having seen how jealously i guard these things from any and all other eyes.

so! good things coming. get money.

these showed up this week, lending credence to the suggestion that they do in fact exist. they printed well; i am pleased.

Click to enlarge

bro and bride are moving to Virginia at summer's end, so i should have an opportunity at some point to see DBK perform live again. that i am unable to recall exactly how many years it's been since i last witnessed their stylings in person is sufficient reason to get on this.

/.n [while listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis]