Thursday, July 31, 2008

[ t h e y _ w a l k ]

long hiatus; apologies. madhouse trying to get out of town/country for a week and change, first to Houston to see the family (and the Astros lose, ::sigh::), and on to ichs/herps in Montreal. i've been reading on the deeply convincing and disturbing "World War Z," and have been considering the zombie at great length. hence, tonight's production - fueled by House of 1000 Corpses and a bottle of Knob Creek, one last birthday present to myself.

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talk went well in Montreal, or so i'm told. the one-liners were savored as always (at one point i likened myself to Billy Mays... nice). specters from the past/A&M popped up, not unpleasantly. i honestly thought that one of them was a post-party-hallucination.

so, success despite the best efforts of my crew to sabotage me with ethanol the night before my talk (read: my birthday and passage into antiquity). despite every "hey old man" message on facebook, i managed to bounce back in fine form. hah!

Jimmy G did use the Zoloft Shark illustration, although that trickster Morpheus and a VIMS party colluded to make me miss his 830am talk. that said, Jim missed it too - i just didn't hear about the rescheduling. the field report: "he owes you something extra fantastic after that. did you hear the laughs the zoloft shark got in his talk? brilliant!"

it was a good week. and i am tired.

shout-out to T. *