Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[ d c _ p o r t r a i t ]

under the weather this week and going mad from stitching together DNA sequence files all day. took a break for this abstraction, rather unusual for your humble narrator. it's an illustration of my run up to DC over the last [artificially] long weekend. please click to enlarge and observe.

Click to enlarge

lots in there, but don't expect to crack this nut easily. starting to experiment more with different strokes, symbolism and the overall flow of a piece. i've not had training since middle school, and am trying to be less rubbish one day at a time.

the trip was vastly enjoyable despite a number of my crew defecting to parts unknown, or in thrall of plague. caught [part of, funny story] a Nat's game, went to a zoo full of sleepy animals, and partied to wonderful excess. the energy of that town always grips me the moment i leave the plane, an instantaneous and possibly dangerous pump-up.

i will move there. mark my words.

thanks for a wonderful time.

Halloween has been spotted and deeply absorbed at several merchant locales now. planning has begun in earnest...