Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[ r e n d e z v o u s ]

every Halloween story i've ever done is more or less a love letter to the season.

this one is just a little more overt.

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i think this is the first time i've used a pun in art. i blame my time in Japan.

short and [hopefully] sweet this year - the new job, life, etc hasn't exactly bestowed upon me infinite seas of time to invest in cathartic exercises that would probably land me on any number of psychiatric watchlists. i always saw moving to Iowa as an opportunity to participate in a "proper, Midwest Halloween," but of course we ended up in some crazy Indian summer that's made it unduly difficult to get into the season. the good news: Indy Screampark with my crew was implausibly even more epic than last year, and some of the local attractions have been up to snuff.

trust me. i have sampled across a number of states this season alone.

close your eyes and embrace those dark dreams. that's what October is for.

/.n [while listening to Samael]

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