Saturday, August 20, 2011

[ s u m m e r _ r e n t a l ]

as promised earlier in the week:

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the story was originally podcast as "Squidman," i kid you not, so i could not in good faith put a dark spin on this one. no inky, muted, writhing tentacles fumbling at door latches. no looming silhouettes with, er, questionable implications. this was actually my second take at it, and it reminds me of "Day of the Tentacle" and Jan Piénkowski's "Haunted House." both of those are lodged within the blackest remnants of my childhood heart.

"Summer Rental" is my second co-billing with old Rossi-time, available on the Amazon Kindle store for a buck or as a podcast at Horror Addicts. i would say that the latter is free, but you have to skip a literally unbelievable 45 minutes of intro to get to the blasted thing.

a colleague told me yesterday (i think... the days have been, of late, a grimy smear) that she saw Halloween stuff in the wild. at Lowe's, of all places.

field trip tomorrow.

/.n [while listening to Halfbreed]

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